Wirnica Manor

Como Lake - Italy

In the crown of Lake Como, in the heart of the sets cited throughout Italian poetry and prose, Wirnica is born. A villa that traces back to the sixteenth century to an ancient parish and then renovated and transformed into a private residence for a noble silk manufacturer.
Wirinica is surrounded by a 4000-meter park with astonishing lake views, where the guests will live as nobles, not in a hotel but in a precious retreat with charming suites facing the ever-greens of the garden.
Luxury in a completely reserved and private world, walking over Wirnica’s threshold means entering an exclusive oasis of peace and relaxation.

Wirnica rises in the middle of the village, in the past century as the parish. the current villa and its other branches constituted, in the sixteenth century a small monastery complex. The descent of Napoleon brought the seizure of many of the Church’s belongings and with it Wirnica which then became a garrison for the troops. Following these events, the complex was amplified and converted into a private residence for an aristocratic silk manufacturer. the silk factory is now a museum in remembrance of the role silk played in making Garlate economically relevant. The villa is to this day owned by the Gnecchi family and it still has that ancient charm which has remained throughout the centuries.


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