Finca Brisuela

Alicante - Spain


The Finca Brisuela is placed in the municipal areas of Penáguila and Alcolecha in the province of Alicante. With over 170 hectares, is mainly engaged in the exploitation of cherry, for what has 15,000 trees in production. The fruits are of very high quality, marketed annually in El Corte Inglés with own brand (Masía de Brisuela).

For this agrarian explotation one possesses all the means necessary and measured for her, existing reservoirs of water, installation completes of irrigation located to all the tres, storage, sorting and packaging shed of 800 m2, suitable machinery and mechanical means.

The property has a central building type Montaña Alicantina, with several annexes. It is completely restored using materials and designs of the first quality. His approximate surface is of 1.500 m2 and has all the own comforts of a new construction, as well as zone of playtime annexed to the house.
Since additional values, it possesses own water of suitable spring for bottling and commercialization, energetic independence (with solar and wind installation) and forest of Mediterranean pine with hunting utilization (big game and minor hunting).


The Finca Brisuela is in the municipal areas of Penáguila and Alcolecha, in the heart of the Alicante mountain. Access is straight through the CV-785 road connected to Alicante via the AP-7 or A-7.

The approximate distances close to the major locations are:

  • Alicante: 55 km.
  • Alcoy: 30 Km.
  • Villajoyosa: 24 Km.

Area registered

The property is registered in the Register of Alcoy, numbered 3,345, Volume 1,370, Book 57, page 173, with an area of 1,570,362 m2.
Following several exchanges, rights and strip that divides the municipalities, the total area of the farm is located at:

The estate

The estate is located in the heart of the Alicante mountain and his spectacular landscapes are the own ones of this wild and bright environment, with more than 2.700 hours of sunshine annualy. Although it is mainly dedicated to cherry, has a great balance and integration in the forest landscape dominated by an excellent mixture between Mediterranean pine tree and oak.

This enviable natural environment allows hunting use, having allocated 400 ha of hunting, including the estate. The principal species are the partridge, dove and the hare as small game hunting and the wild boar, muflón and deer in big game hunting.

Access to the property is by road , being provided with an excellent network of internal tracks in good condition spanning the entire estate. So both the work of growing, harvesting and transporting the fruit, such as access to wells, reservoir, shed and forest areas are guaranteed.

The area of the main house is fenced with electric gates opened by remote control and video intercom.

The cherry trees

First quality Cherry Production is due to the exploitation of 15,000 trees, 10,000 of them 6 years old and the remaining 3 and a half years. Their marketing is done in El Corte Inglés, who buys all the cherry produced annually.

The performance of planted cherry varies between 12-15 kg/tree at 3 years of age and 28-30 kg from reaching the eighth year.

All trees have drip irrigation, through a fully automated complex system that provides water to the estate. Is adapted for ozone water treatment machine, which improves production while reducing costs of fungicide treatments.

Indeed, the property has two wells that supply at the rate of 15 l/sec each and and other one of reservation with the same flow. These wells empty into two reservoirs that have a modern pumping system to supply the irrigation network and automatic return that returns excess water after watering cycles.
The farm has machinery and tools perfectly sized for it. So, has three fully equipped tractors, mowers sprayers, all maintained with own specialized staff in a workshop store located next to one of the wells.

The house

The main house is a luxury home, which sits on the comprehensive restoration of the ruins of a very old farmhouse typical of the Alicante Mountains. Its approximate area is 1500 m2.

The house features:

  • First floor: Entrance hall, dining room, kitchen, toilet and bathroom.
  • Second floor: 6 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms.
  • Third floor: Suite of 180 m2, living room with fireplace, bedroom, bathroom (50 m2 with shower, whirlpool tub for 6 people), all with oak floors and first quality materials.
  • Ground floor: Disco (with capacity for 40 persons, fireplace, acoustic insulation, sound), billiard room, additional living room with fireplace, garage, barbecue, wine cellar, drying of sausages. Attic over garage with bathroom, lounge and beds for seasonal workers, machine room, room for propane, shed and room for gas heater.
  • Chapel for 20 people.
  • Housing for householders, consisting of living room with fireplace, kitchen, two bedrooms and bathroom.

The farmhouse was built using first quality materials:

  • Siding PVC double glazing.
  • Floors in rustic finish.
  • Hot – cold water
  • Central heating with radiators in all rooms.
  • Doors of solid oak.
  • Premium electrical mechanisms.
  • First quality furniture, some antiques.

The exterior features a woodland garden with lawn and pool

The shed

The shed that supports agricultural exploitation has 800 m2 of new build, including offices, shower, bath and cold room for cherrys.
It is aimed at the manipulation of the production, grading, packaging and storage, making it ready for distribution.

Adittional Values

The water flowing from the farm in different wells has been analyzed by the best laboratories in Spain, resulting in excellent quality, suitable for possible bottling and marketing for human consumption.

The farm has installed power generation by solar panels and a wind turbine.


Considering the value of land, the house, the existing infrastructure described above and the exploitation of the cherry trees, the farm has a current price on request.

In this case, it’s necessary to add to the current valuation of the following potential business without big investment:

  • The possibility of using the farmhouse as luxury cottage (Relais & Châteaux type).
  • The future value of the sale of the cherry wood (noble wood considered).
  • The possible bottling and sale of the water of the estate.
  • The enhancement of hunting use.
  • The numerous subsidies of the different Public Administrations destined to cover the different values of the estate.